desert love: sand is home – thar

the main part of the thar desert is situated in the indian state of rajasthan. the thar is a sand desert. its scenery is changing between dunes, gravel expanses, hills and flat, barren and stoney or sparsley vegetated areas. this enable a high biodiversity. the temperatures sink in winter to the freezing point, in summer they rise up to about 50 ° C. during the summer months July to September rain falls, which allows agriculture. the thar is the most populated desert in the world. nevertheless, the survival becomes harder and harder by the progressive dehydration. the clearing of the few trees and the overgrazing by nomads deteriorate it.

the thar is the desert where she spended most of her time. in the thar she found one of her best friends. a man who is living with his family in a small village far from the road. she had a hut in the dunes where they lived together for some weeks and months, till storm and rain knocked it down. long time she spended in the silence of the desert, alone or together. they rode hundreds of kilometers on the back of the camles through the vastness. they slept night after night on the ground on blankets under the sky. many hours she was hanging around with the men which earn their money by making camelsafaris for the tourist close to the dunes of kanoi. herdsmen joined them too when they saw a fire burning, the men drinking tea, playing cards or having a chat.

it needed time till she wasn´t just anymore a guest for all of them. untill it was allowed to her to look for wood, to help by the preparation of the food, to cook chai by herself, to catch the camels after a long rest, to help to saddle the animals. it needed time till the men told her the truth about their maritul status, the number of their children and other private things. it needed time to find and to come to trust, to let friendships arise. but after a while she found there a new kind of home. but this home is a secret. in her heart, and somehow in reallity. not everybody should know about this foreign woman in the desert. and she never found the right way to talk about it to nobody, nowhere, not there and not here.


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