desert love: in the salt of the great rann


in gujarat, in the middle west of inda, and in sindh, the south east of pakistan, and not far from the arabian sea(in past the rann was a bay of it) is the great rann of kutch.

from time to time a salty lake where flamingos and other birds coming from the north to look for food. and other times just a dry white desert or swamp.

in all of the area no plants, no animals, no humans, no sound, no life. just silence. the thing she loves most in desert.

around the region of the salt is a half-desert with sand, bush and very few water tanks. she is facinated by all living which found a way to survive in this hostile areas in the world, doesn´t matter if animals like the khur, different antelopes, hyenas or humans.

she met hardly any of them. mostly people in villages around the salt lake, living there with buffalos and cattles, working in the very rare fields or producing handycrafts.





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